Aug 19

Obesity at Crisis Level in Dubai – New Report Shows

obesityA startling new report on obesity in Dubai showed more than 60% of the population is now clinically obese. The report projected a tenfold increase in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer as a result of the trend.

But the issue extends beyond chronic disease. The projected medical expenses could place a massive budgetary burden on both the government and the affected families.

60% of the population is now clinically obese

Dubai ranked higher than regional averages for men of any age and women younger than 20. Dubai is now on par with most other developed nations in terms of obesity, including the US. When compared to less-developed countries, such as Egypt – where over 75% of women are considered obese – the report found higher rates of obesity.

The report is based on surveys and medical records from 1980 through the current year. It concluded the burden of obesity was still higher in Dubai – and obesity is the top cause of lost disability-adjusted life years, which doctors use to determine the years of life lost as a result of poor health, physical disability, and early death.

Many in Dubai are taking action to combat the obesity trend. A separate survey reported a trending increase in physical activity levels, including cardiovascular activities like running and rowing.

There are several advantages to rowing over running. Rowing has less impact on your joints and can increase stamina, cardiovascular function, and tone and build your muscles. Rowing machines are a popular choice for older people because they place less stress on the back.

Rowing is an effective calorie burner, making a good choice for people interested in weight loss. A solid half hour workout on a rowing machine can burn 400 calories for an average weight individual. Frequent rowing can be the centerpiece of your weight loss regimen. The best rowing machine workouts are vigorous routines between 20-30 minutes in length.

While most people will use a rowing machine in a fitness center, another growing trend in Dubai is the home gym. Interested in purchasing a rowing machine? Do your research. Start with reading reviews from rowing machine owners to get an idea of which machines are dependable and most effective.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Rowing machine workouts are an endurance based exercise designed to burn carbohydrates and increase heart function. The Mayo clinic recommends keeping the tension at a low level so you can attain a high rate of rowing speed, increasing the aerobic effect.

Tones Muscles

Rowing is a holistic exercise in that is uses almost every muscle group in your body. The upper body is strengthened in the arms, shoulders, and back. The lower body is impacted in the buttocks, hips, and legs. The abdomen is also worked with each stroke, which helps to build your core.        

Stress Reducer

Rowing machines designed for home use will often fold and can be rolled underneath a bed or stored in a closet. Short on time? Try exercising at night in front of the TV to help you relax. A recently released report from the Mayo Clinic proved that cardiovascular activity releases endorphins, which work to both relieve stress and combat depression.